About Us

Our Mission

Operation 4 Paws (P4P) is a not for profit charitable organisation who are commited to protecting and promoting animal rights. (Buenos Aires/ Argentina)

We promote an attittude of respect towards all living animal species and support an ethical premise that they are sentient beings and not objects to be used by humans. We reject all kinds of animal exploitation including their use as clothing, food, entertainment or for experimental purposes.

Our Objectives

  • To strive against animal abandonment, mistreatment or the suffering of any animal (for use as clothing, food, entertainment or experimentation).
  • Educate people about respecting animal life through the presentation of talks and workshops run in both public and private locations.
  • Running free or reduced cost sterlisation campaigns in marginalised areas.
  • Promoting the belief that a mass sterlisation campaign which is systematic, extensive and free is the only ethical method to control pet overpopulation and urging the government to implement such a program.
  • Aiding animals in need, providing treatment and recovery and facilitating adoption to responsible owners.
  • Provide legal advice to residents involved in cruetly cases.
  • Promote veganism as a philosophy which liberates animals from suffering.

How Do We Work?

Direct Action: Assisting abandoned animals in danger or in need, facilitating adoptions in homes of responsible pet owners who are able to offer lifetime attention and affection.

Preventive Action: educating the general public of the importance of desexing male and female dogs and cats before their first heat and urging the government to run mass desexing programs which are free, extensive, systematic and permanent as a humane and sustainable way of managing pet overpopulation rather than resorting to euthanasia.

Legislative and judicial action: urging the authorities to enforce legislation 14.346 for the Protection of Animals and reporting acts of mistreatment and cruelty against animals, presenting briefs and proposals that support laws in favor of animal rights at a legislative level.

Educational Activitie: Setting an example by promoting the spirit of legislation 1.346 for the Protection of Animals and teahcing the general public how to properly care for animals through educational initiatives.

Las actividades asistenciales: rescatar animales en situación de riesgo con el fin de recuperarlos y darles la posibilidad de formar parte de una familia que le brinde lo que necesita.

Las actividades solidarias: estableciendo lazos de colaboración entre entidades y particulares comprometidos en la problemática animal.

Our Team:

P4P is made up of volunteers who share the philosophy of respecting animals´ lives acknowledging them as beings capable of feeling joy and happiness but also pain and suffering.