Adoption Requeriments


Adopting is an act of responsibility and commitment so it is important that you are trained to do so. A dog can live between 14 and 18 years and during all that time will depend on you.

Some issues to consider are the space available in your home, the time you have to provide you with company, physical activity and care. Also the costs associated with its food, veterinary attention and stay during your vacations.

To ensure a happy coexistence your choice should be oriented to the lifestyle you are living and the real time you can devote.


Here we give you some tips but remember that the most important thing is to adopt with conscience and with the heart.

A puppy: (45 días-12 meses) it is beautiful but it takes a lot of time and effort. He eats 4 times a day, you can cry at night and in the absence of the owners. He chews objects, pees and poops anywhere, requires education and patience, is a baby for a year. There are no guarantees regarding the definitive size. If there are small children in the home, it is necessary to mark the difference between pet and toy. However it is very satisfying to see the growth and development of a puppy until it becomes an adult.
A young: (1 año-5 años) is playful but more adult. They are more adept at focusing on education. Generally is already done with the complete vaccination, so he is not at risk of contracting some disease. They are sterilized. You can take him out for a walk and bathe. Eat twice a day. It already has the definitive size, it will not change of aspect.

An adult: (5 años-9años)does not cause problems for staying a few hours alone. He is likely to sleep through the night. He becomes easy to live with his new family. They accept their place within the hierarchy of the home, they adapt to basic orders, if they have not acquired them from before. They are gratifying and take great care of their new family and home.

A grandad: (10 años-día de su muerte) they leave us plenty of time for us. They do not require so much work. They are very calm and sedentary. Although the time of company is surely smaller, they also deserve a home. We can give him a dignified and enjoyable life during his years. They will be super grateful, they waited for their home for a long time.


If you have already decided and feel qualified, it is time to start the adoption process.

Our Requeriments
  • The animals are delivered after a telephone conversation aimed at corroborating that the basic rules of responsible tenure are met.
  • Adopters must sign an adoption contract stating their personal data and where they commit to provide the necessary care.
  • We reserve the right to give or not to adopt an animal according to whether or not the requirements that our NGO considers are met.
  • Argentina Adoptions are limited geographically to Capital Federal and Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina (subject to consideration)/li>
  • The data provided by the applicant are confidential and restricted access, for the exclusive use of the adoption processes of the Civil Association Project 4 Patas and will not be transferred to third parties under any circumstances.